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Spectrum Insurance Agency, Inc Blog: 4_2013

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You work hard to pay your rent and buy things to furnish and decorate your home. And just because you don’t own the property you live in, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything worth protecting. Renters insurance allows you the protection of your financial future that you need—even when you don’t own property. READ MORE >>

Classic cars are a fascination to most people. To some, they are even an obsession – and no wonder. The rarity and timeless splendor of a classic automobile can be positively spellbinding.   If you are obsessed or just fascinated by classic cars, chances are you know a little something about them. READ MORE >>

If you have employees, no matter how few, then you need workers compensation insurance. Generally, individual states require businesses with employees to carry it, but even without this legal incentive it is a necessary product. READ MORE >>

Buying a new car is an exciting time — but it can also be stressful. After all, you’re trying to get the best deal on price, while also deciding on the make, model and features you need.   Here at Spectrum Insurance Agency, we can’t really help you become a master negotiator when it comes to buying a car. READ MORE >>

Of course, because spring is a time for new beginnings, cleaning and organization around the house are very popular this time of year. If you’re ready to tackle that monumental chore, read on for some helpful information. (And if you’re so tidy and organized throughout the year that spring cleaning isn’t a big chore for you, well, keep that to yourself! READ MORE >>

The Rock River Valley Tooling and Machining Association (RRVTMA) is offering five $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors graduating in Spring 2013. This offering supports a focus of our association’s mission, namely, “promoting and emphasizing education”. It is our hope that READ MORE >>

As a small business reliant on vendors for your product or services, your persistence in tracking certificates of insurance from each of your vendors helps to insulate you from liability. If you use many different vendors, it may seem daunting to think about organizing a program that not only s... READ MORE >>

As springtime approaches, you probably notice something in addition to the warmer weather and blooming flowers: more motorcycles on the roads of Northern Illinois. Riding looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Just imagine heading down IL Rte 20 with the sun shining and the road stretching out to the horizon. READ MORE >>

Customers expect the insurance carrier to ask for your demographic information as well as your Motor Vehicle Report to confirm that you have a safe driving record. What most consumers don’t know is that insurance companies also check your credit score when you apply for auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Do You Have Enough Coverage to Rebuild Your Home?   Imagine how devastating it would be to lose your home in a fire. Now imagine not being able to rebuild it completely because you didn’t have the correct amount of insurance.   READ MORE >>

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